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John Katerberg is a West Michigan artist who focuses on painting and printmaking. His work can be found in homes, businesses, colleges, and churches around the world. John is a Graduate of Kendall College of Art, with a BFA in fine art-painting. John ‘s art has won numerous awards in local and regional art competitions. John is also a combat veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom, with numerous awards and citations including the combat action badge and the purple heart medal from being wounded in combat. John has also volunteered as an art instructor locally for A.C.T. (Artists Creating Together), The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, and in Florida at the Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay, Pinellas County Jail, and West care of Pinellas County.  John’s current work combines elements of man and the sublime presence of God with scenes of awe in nature. John’s current groundbreaking work combines his love of reduction printmaking and painting. Working on sheet brass, John completes a landscape painting and then using pneumatic grinders and engraving tools, the brightest areas of the composition come alive with glowing and shimmering brass. The reflection of light on John’s paintings inspired him to name this new technique “Illuminated Brass” paying homage to the illuminators of the 4th and 5th centuries that created art to help draw people closer to God.